Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walden's world

My teenager asked us : what is better? A life full of complexities in a big city?
Or to live simply in the country; without a lot of possessions?
It can be indeed a quandary; we all like to be entertained and to see a museum or go to a concert
now and then. The discussion is about what happens when preoccupation with civilisation goes before true happiness, family life, and enjoyment of nature.
Well, I wonder what most people would choose...

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Indigo said...

Found you dear friend! I would choose the country, somewhere tucked away in the mountains. There is such beauty and peace to be found in those surroundings. The city is a nice place to visit, but not for living the noise pollution alone takes away any semblence of serenity. (Hugs)Indigo