Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shooter Kills Guard at National Holocaust Museum

Wednesday, June , 2009

A man named Mr. Amon van Brun shot and killed a security guard named Mr. Stephen Tyrone Johns at the National Holocaust Museum.
Mr. Johns is now thought of as a national hero because he protected the others from bullets.
Mr. Van Brun showed up with a loaded rifle at the National Holocaust Museum.
He has written a book in which he, a well-known white supremacist, describes how Jew hurt Gentiles worldwide.
The violence experienced here have many people wondering why there are other people wanting to suppress the evidence of genocide and racial hatred. Why do you think this happens? Are you upset ?

Julia Roberts and The Hole-in-the -wall-gang

Monday, June 2009

Julia Roberts went on CBS to express her support and appreciation for Paul Newman/'creation : the Hole-in-the-wall camps. Paul Newman had told her that he created these camps becasue he ahd wonderful experiences in summer camps and he wanted kids wiht illnesses or dissabillities to experience the same.
Did you or your kids go to camp/ Did you or they like it?
Do you consider it worhtwhile?

Happy Fathers Day !

Happy Fathers Day ahead of time! It is one week from Sunday. How will you celebrate?
We will get together with family and another family; spend some time outdoors and try to have some fun!
How about you?
Is it a good day?
Best Wishes for a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Francis: the Magna Carta: who knew?

Silks by Felix and Dick Francis

I have enjoyed reading a book called "Silks" given to me by a cousin of mine.
In the book the Francis brothers describe a Magna Carta Memorial built in 1957 by nine thousand American lawyers to honor the document called the Magna Carta.They did it to honor the document in shaping the laws" in the US and acroos he Western civilsation."
The Francis faher adn son state that this docuemtn:
1. makes sure that "the church would be free from the Royal House ruling it,
2. " preserving the ancient freedom that London enjoys"
3. " no human will be destroyed, outlawed, condemned unless it is the legal judgement of the law of the land that this shall happen"
4. " we will not deny or delay rights or jsutice to anyone."
At that time according to the authors teh Anglihs had takent heir rights for geantedand King John had abused them.
they created this Magan Carta to prevent this from happening again.
Are you impressed with this docuemnt?
Would you go see the mounment?
So you think we appreciate our rights?
Do we take any for granted? Which ones?