Saturday, December 27, 2008

Go See Garnett: My Brain is in Pain Again: Fa can power a car

Go see Garnett's' entry about "Your Fat Ass Can Power your Car" and let him know what you think about this. He has written an interesting article abotu using human fats and other oils to fuel cars and go more green!!what do you think?:0

Go Visit Joann of JOann's Weight Loss Journey

Please go and visit Joann of Joanns Weight Loss Journey.
She has experienced a horrible tragedy in her home town and she asks if
we would come by and leave some comforting thoughts and prayers.
Apparently some man lost it and killed some kids and some family members
around Christmas!
Hope you are having a Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Check out Indigo at Scream Quietly. The Voice of Christmas Past

Check out Indigo's entry at Scream Quietly: The Voice of Christmas Past.
It is a wonderfully warm tale about their Christmas tree and how ti brought
them so much joy!
Thanks Indigo!

Go tell Tom what you think about Chemotherpy; Heli-gunnerTom, http://heli...

Tom has some interesting thoughts about t efficacy of chemotherapy..
go and voice your thoughts

Yasmyn, Isnt she great, Happy Birthday

Go by Yasmyn, Isnt she great , to wish her a Happy I'm a little late but
she loves her fans so go anyway!

Please Visit Sam of:http://say, he had a stroke

Please visit Sam at Http://say it, for his daughter writes that he has had a stroke.
He welcomes our well wishes, etc.

Check out ADB, Atlantic Lines, Soltice Celebration

Check out Guido's entry on the Solstice Celebration;he talks about Stonehenge...
Would you go?
His decorations are very pretty...
What have been your favorite decorations so far?

Carly, Suddenly Ellipisis, Who Needs Rockefleer Center

This is a wonderful story; it has the ghost of Christmas past, it has ice skating :)
and you by and see the wonderful pictures of young people ice skating! Truly riveting!
Thanks Carly!

vist Cathy at Dare to Think, Christmas humor

Cathy at Dare to Think has captured the humorous side to
all of our Christmas expectations,etc.:)
Check it out!....:0

Check Out Marti's White Elephant Party:alternative Christams party

Check out Marti's party at Porch Stories!
It was an alternative Christmas party!
Would you host one?

Go See Outside-Looking in(Jeanette... for a great Christams greeting

Go and see Outside-Looking In(Jeanette... for a great Christmas greeting!

Visit Bill at Bears Den

Please visit Bill at Bears Den. He had some level of difficulty at his last
therapy session and I know he's welcome your visit!
Plus you get to hear about all of the festive things that Libby is doing to get
ready for Christmas!:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kelli Wins "Honest Scap" Award! go See!

Kelli of "thoughts of a sober white woman" won the "Honest Scrap" award!
She wrote ten things that she thought we should know about her: some things I knew and some were new. Kelli is a very interesting writer.She is a very active mother, housewife, community volunteer, and animal lover!
Congratulations Kelli! Woo Hoo!
She mentions some other bloggers who deserve merit so we have more bloggers to meet!
Fun Kelli ! thanks!:)

Go See Donna at Ds Designs and Other Things

Donna is going in for surgery.
Julia pointed out in her blog Julias New Blog that Donna would like to have comments.
Please go by and leave some nice words.
You guys are so nice! I love it that you really care about other bloggers!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Hanukkah!(I'm looking for the perfect driedel...
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
and Happy Kwanzaa!
Jimmy at Jimmy's Journal would like me to be more specific but
I am trying to wish you all wonderful time this year!
Please let us know where you will go and what awaits you!
and have a lot of fun!

I wonder....

I was surprised when my teen said:
"This year, I want my present to be toys for the kids at the teen shelter...
would that be ok?"
huh?(I scratch my head...) "what?"
"I mean, when I was over there, it seemed like the could really use some toys.
I don't need anything anyway.."
"hmmmm..we could do something..we usually take supplies anyway there... ok"
I wonder what causes kids to make small things happen this...

Who Knew? Underground LA!

History Channel
December 11

There used to be a complete underground railroad under Los Angeles that was used for a train that went everywhere! The film showed the parking spaces, and later for speakeasies where people would gather to talk and drink. he speakeasies were popular in the 20s and 30s . The police handled the action, which in 1929 was $30,ooo,ooo! It was said the police protected the action.
General Motors and Firestone Tires bought the tunnels and dismantled them.
they convinced the public that it would be cooler to buy a car and drive to the suburbs!

Go By Outside-looking in(Jeanette...

Jeanette would like you guys to visit...
The tea is on and the coffee...
Her husband was wrongly accused of ignoring a high in England that was posted very high
and parking illegally. They are charging him something like $600.00 and I was hoping that she could appeal that... It is the equivalent of the money that they have saved for their winter energy use... anyhow go by and say hi...

A Corgi from Southern California, Koda , Betty, a contest for bloggers

Go visit Koda, A corgi from Southern California today because there is a contest for a film and some cute cookie trays only until tonight for bloggers!
Koda is a very cute pup!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

go See Yasmyn, Isn't She Great?, Give Holiday cheer! bloggers

Yasmin has written an amusing entry on the holidays in Great Britain.
She wants you to tell her how ready you feel, how happy you are; or conversely you can say:Ba Hum Bug!It's nice to have some one hear our feelings about the season.
In addition how do you feel about what she said about seniors in Great Britain?
She said that they have to choose now between food and heating gas frequently.
Go Figure!
How do you feel about this?
Don't you think that they need a non-profit to help these people?

Go See Cathy, Dare to Think, ghosts and time

Cathy has always written very thoughtful entries on contemplating the universe!
She was previously an AOL blogger.
Go see this entry; it's bubbling wiht thoughts about life, time , and what kind of an imprint we make on the planet! Check it out!

Go see Sam : he's better , GaBoatman

go see Sam ! he's better now! He wrote a sweet holiday blog!

Go See Kate, Ana Analysis of Life( in England)

I found Kate again!
Kate writes an interesting blog that includes wonderful vignettes about her husband and her children and her life as an archeologist.Her photos are great too..
Right now she's written an interesting post about the holiday things that moms do!

Go see Laini at "the Reel Life"

Laini is having some test run to find out what is bothering her. I'm sure she would love it if you would leave some nice comments on her blog. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Belatedly Happy Pearl Harbor Day

I', sorry that I'm late with this greeting. Every year I am filled with awe, respect and dread for those Navy Seamen who were killed on their ship in harbor by the Japanese.
May we all hold their memory dear in our hearts and souls...

I Found Fred! go to Drunk in the Shadows of Reflection

I found Fred! He used to be writing on AOL and he knew Raven very well..
He is a good writer. He wrote unusual stories about growing up in Europe.He can be very funny and a great humorist!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saint Nicolas : the First Santa Claus

Saint Nicolas celebrates his birthday in Holland on December the 5th.
He arrives on your rooftop with his horses and with two squires (Moors from Africa).
The children put carrots in their wooden shoes for the Saint's horses.
If a child is good he leaves them almond spice and ginger cookies and a chocolate letter in their name.If the child is bad he gets put in the Moors' big bag and sent to Africa.
What do you make of him?
Do you like Santa Claus?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Visit Mara at "I Have Tea" to offer condolences

Lori at "Dusty Pages" alerted everyone on this.
Please visit Mara at "I Have tea" to offer condolences.
Her father has passed away.

Bill, Bears Den

Visit Bill at Bears Den. His mother is ill and he's on the mend.