Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson: What do you think?

Larry King
When Michael Jackson passed away recently Larry King talked of his notable accomplishments"We are the world, we are the Children".. and of many other songs he wrote and musical accomplishments... his generosity and his support of charities.. what is your view?
Is this the Michael Jackson you miss? Do you miss his music? his onstage personality?
tell us...

Some Bloggers Feel teens are Too Young

Some bloggers wrote in to say that teens are often not mature enough to handle all of the complicated decisions that driving on the highway nowadays require...
thank you so much for writing in adn thanks so much for caring for these teens! You are awesome!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Teens Dead: What Should Change?

Teens are Killed so often in these DWi crashes... and afer being so shocked and mourning so much I would like to know what do you think would slow this down? tell us please....

Happy Fourthof July! How will you Celebrate?

Happy Fourth of July!
How will you celebrate?
Let us know!