Monday, November 30, 2009

Saint Nicholas: His Birthday is Dec. 6th....He was generous...

Saint Nicholas' birthday is December 6th...
Saint Nicholas is thought of as the main gift giver in many places of the world.His birthday, December 6th, is the main day that he gives gifts...Children are interviewed in many places of the world to see if theyare being kind, good, responsible and generous to others...
Small treats are left in shoes or stockings for children.
the Original St. Nicholas was born in Pastora, Turkey. His parents were wealthy but they died in an epidemic. Nicholas was a young child; yet he followed the Nicholas used his inheritance to help the sick, needy, and suffering people all around him.
Christian rule:"sell what you have and give it to the poor"....
He was the Bishop of Myra while young and he gained a good reputation.
The Roman Emperor Diocletian exiled and imprisoned St. Nicholas for his beliefs...
what do you make of Saint Nicholas?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hyperthermia is proved effective after heart attack
December 5, 2006
CBS Healthwatch stated that Cynthia Crawford had some mighty shocks to get her heart going at Oschner Clinic in New Orleans after she collapsed.
She was placed in an "inlfatable cocoon that sprayed her body with hundreds of cold icy jets of water: plunging her into hyperthermia...
Her cardiologist Dr. Paul McMillan stated that it was "like jumping into the North Sea.."
W hen Crawford woke up a few days later it was without the main damage that she would ahve had .For years doctors have used these cooling techniques to limit damage from brain and spinal cord injuries and even to help with premature babies..
New Yord and some other cities like Sacramento are requiring ambulances to take these patients where they can have cooling for their recovery..what do you think about this?

Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers

Happy Thanksgiving bloggers!
Have a great time!What will you do to mark the occasion?
We will get together with family and have a nice meal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Veterans Day and Thank you to all veterans

Happy Veterans Day!
Veterans thank you for all of your hard work, sacrifices ,injuries and even deaths.
It is you we have to thank for our liberty and our freedom.
Students in America are now studying the wars and the relationship between them to understand our world better.
Please thank all veterans who have helped us.
We have veterans who are bloggers too: Johnny of "My Brain is in Pain again"
and Tom of "Tom's Journal" and Jimmy of "jimmy's JOurnal " I think...
Please let us know if you are a veteran and a blogger .
Thanks again!