Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is the Nasy h1n1 spray safe for anyone?
October 29,2009

Public health officials are trying to educate the public about the dangers of the nasal vaccine and who it could hurt the most.
They said:"the swine vaccine is created within chicken eggs and it is processed to create a large patch of antigen, which provokes an immune response within the vaccinated individual."
They go on to caution us: "the virus within the chicken eggs for the nasal spray are alive. This means that they are more powerful than dead viruses; however it also means that they are more risky..."
"Live viruses can contain genetic instability..they can spread the disease.."
They say that many people should not take theses nasal sprays, including people who have asthma, diabetes, lung disease, anemia, heart or kidney problems, or a low immunity to disease, or pregnant women... Further no one under two years old or over fifty should take these nasal vaccines..
The list should include anyone who has ever had these diseases...
What do you think of this?
Should anyone be getting this risky product?

Nasal Vaccine Possibly Unsafe for Some People
October 29,2009

Dr Sager said that no one should take the nasal vaccine if they have or ahve had: asthma, a weakened immune system or a lung disease..huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
I have not heard this in the news nor have I rad it in any newspapers.
Dr. Sager says that parents should be warned.
Believe me I wasn't warned..and the word is that many elementary schools in my area will be giving out this vaccine without any cautions ebing given to parents or children!
What do you think about this?

Swine Flu Shot Carries Unknown Risks
October 28,2009

Ms. Fishe in the Administrator of the National Vaccine Center and she wants to update the public about the dangers of the swine flu and of the vaccine. She said that most people do OK with the swine flu; however America has suffered 600 deaths and of those deaths 50 were children.
She cautions you not to go to"drive-by" areas for shots. these include: stores, kiosks,or schools.
She says that people can get complications from the shots and that there are a lot more risks with these shots.
She points out that Congress has protected teh manufacturers from any legal actions or lawsuits so no one of the public will ever receive compensation for such injuries.
Oh and She said watch out what your schools may suggest because some schools are suggesting that students take 4 or 5 of these shots this year!
She said that this would not be safe. WhhhaaaaaaaaaaaT?
What do you think about this?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Are We related to the Ards ?Thoughts welcome

" Ards Provide clues tro human origins"
by Joel Achenbach
The Washington Post
October 2, 2009

Mr. Achenbach points out that the Ard lived 4.4 million years ago in East Africa.
According to him, She lived mostly in trees and she raised her offspring in trees. She sometimes came tot eh ground and walked upright.
Scientists think she could have been the transitional figure between old primates and more recent primates.She lived before Lucy, the 3.2 year old skeleton.
Scientists are still searching for our "lost common ancestor", a creature who is the ancestor of humans and chimpanzees. Many of hese creatures lived seven million years ago.
Ardi doesn't look like chimpanzees nor does she have their characteristics.
Chimpanzees probably developed separarte from Ard's group, the hominid.
The chimp and the gorilla have developed much more than the homind.
The hominid is primitive except for its' upright walkng adn its' brain development.
Owen Lovejoy, an anthropologist from Kent State University says that the Ards brought food to theri mates; something that was easier when a creature was good at upright walking.
Lovejoy heralds the male perntal involvement as a key point of human developemnt for survivla.
What do you amke of this?
Do you think we are distantly related to thee hominids?

Did Cooking Make us More Social? What do you think?

Scientific American
September 2009
Cooking by Melinda Wenner

Ms. Wenner says that in the beginning we humans had to chew all of our food.
Cooking softens food and breaks down starch adn proteins into more digestible molecules.
according to Richard Wrangham , an anthropologist from Harvard University said that cooking gives us more energy and time to form social realtionships, feed a bigger brain, and to create divisions of labor.
Wrangham beleives that we hammered meat to make it flatter and easier toe at. This caused sparks!
he thinks taht humans enjoyed theri first roast 1.9 billion years ago.
What do you think?

How do we Find Love? Weigh in....

Scientific American: How Do We Find Love?
Fall 2009
by Kate Wong

How Do we Find Love?

Kate Wong says that our large brains and upright walking have encouraged our ability to love to start. Do you beleive that?
She also says that in humans romantic love can bring us to bliss or despair....
Helen Fisher of Rutgers University said large brains showed up more than onemillion years ago aqnd that our babies were born earleri than other primate babies...She saqid that our babies ahve an extended childhood to learn adn grow due to our brains.
Fisher said that homind brains helped early humans write poetry, perform music and create art some 35,00 years ago...
what do you make of this?