Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is the Nasy h1n1 spray safe for anyone?
October 29,2009

Public health officials are trying to educate the public about the dangers of the nasal vaccine and who it could hurt the most.
They said:"the swine vaccine is created within chicken eggs and it is processed to create a large patch of antigen, which provokes an immune response within the vaccinated individual."
They go on to caution us: "the virus within the chicken eggs for the nasal spray are alive. This means that they are more powerful than dead viruses; however it also means that they are more risky..."
"Live viruses can contain genetic instability..they can spread the disease.."
They say that many people should not take theses nasal sprays, including people who have asthma, diabetes, lung disease, anemia, heart or kidney problems, or a low immunity to disease, or pregnant women... Further no one under two years old or over fifty should take these nasal vaccines..
The list should include anyone who has ever had these diseases...
What do you think of this?
Should anyone be getting this risky product?

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