Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Water laser cavity filling:Qould you do it?

The Doctors

Some dentists can clean your mouth and use water laser therapy to clean cavities.
The beam of light breaks off the water molecules. there is no shot needed.

People actually want to go to the dentist this way!
What do you think?
will you try it?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Caplan Says Some Pick Characteristcs of New Babies


Arthur Caplan is the author of 25 books,
He does not think it is ethical to pick eye color,sex and charactersitics for new babies. Do you agree? What do you think?

Whitman to find 48 new species of dinosaurs off Isle of Wight


Award winning Richard Roth brought us the story (three weeks ago) on CBS about
Whitman's find of 48 new species of miniature dinosaurs!
His way of cutting huge pieces of clay and sand and hauling them off to sift for these species is fascinating!
Are you surprised with this discovery?
What do you make of it?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go see Cathy ! She inspires at Dare to think!

Cathy challenges us in an interesting way in her entry
"Daily Pain in a Different Light"in her journal Dare to think
because she talks about "using my energy of chronic pain and transforming it
into something I don't need"..bravo! Oh but what's more she approaches the subject
matter is a very intersting fashion; discussing our lives as energy, etc.
Another great entry she wrote lately is called: "No Single Creed".
A great spiritual entry abotu what we get out of our religion or spirit.
Kudos Cathy!

Go see Sam ! He's really blogging again! For real!

Sam is really back!:)
(jumps up and down!)
for real; he's writing about his childhood and about the spring again!
go see!

Visit Bill at Bear's Den

Please visit Bill at Bear's Den!
He has injured his hand and he would love the company!