Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go see Cathy ! She inspires at Dare to think!

Cathy challenges us in an interesting way in her entry
"Daily Pain in a Different Light"in her journal Dare to think
because she talks about "using my energy of chronic pain and transforming it
into something I don't need"..bravo! Oh but what's more she approaches the subject
matter is a very intersting fashion; discussing our lives as energy, etc.
Another great entry she wrote lately is called: "No Single Creed".
A great spiritual entry abotu what we get out of our religion or spirit.
Kudos Cathy!


Joan said...

Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving good wishes. Sill in bed but will get there in the end. Can't wait to get out into the lovely Spring sunshine again. Love Joan.

Sugar said...

you left a comment wanting joans link, but i see she's left you a comment...so i guess you have it now.
you asked me to explain a goth blogger, i have no ideal what you're talking about, lol. email me & tell me.
you asked me to put toms journal on call 4 support, but didn't leave his link, email that too please.

Sugar said...

i don't have your email addy, wanted you to know i sent your comment re "baldy" & "tom" over to guido to see if he could put them on call 4 support as you suggested. :)