Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine flu Vaccine- HIt or MIss?

April 28th, 2009

IN London manufacturers have started a vaccine against the Swine flu after 149 people died in Mexico City.
The World Health Organization said it would only call for the large -scale production of the vaccine
if it believed we were going to see"a global outbreak of the flu."
the vaccine could eb available in foru or five months. Would you be willing to take it? Why or why not?

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Bea said...

Hi Nat... I know, I've been away a long time. Sorry. I noticed that you were the last person to leave a comment in my blog, so I came by to see your new blog... speaking of Swine Flu... last week I felt sick, like I had the flu, went to my doctor. She took a swab, and did the quick version of a culture test. Came back positive for Swine flu. Sent me home while two more swabs were sent to Raleigh for verification. I was confined to my home in the meantime, waiting for the results. They came back three days later, Negative! I finally was able to go back to school. I guess I had just the usual every day kind of flu. But I am well now. I wouldn't take the swine flu vaccine unless I thought I was at high risk, or dealt with people who were more likely to get it. If I was elderly, I would, or had little children, I would probably get them vaccinated. I hope you are well, Nat!