Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers

Happy Thanksgiving bloggers!
Have a great time!What will you do to mark the occasion?
We will get together with family and have a nice meal.


Anonymous said...

Is it Thanksgiving again? What was that thing the other week? Oh Happy thing to you! We don't have it over here you know...

Bea said...

Nat, I went to visit my son in Baltimore from Wed through Sat. His apt is so small, though, that we opted to find a country restaraunt that was open on Thanskgiving Day. Cracker Barrel was open, and though the restaurant was full, we only had to wait 5 minutes to be seated. It was great to sit down to a meal with my family. I won't be seeing him for Christmas, so this day was even more important as family visits go. On Friday, we visited Gettysburg, PA... had a guided tour of the battleground. After hearing a two hour retelling of that bloody battle in 1863, we are very thankful to be where we are, and to be living in America. Sometimes we just take for granted the freedoms and options that we have in this world. I was without words after hearing about one single battle in our country's history.