Monday, November 23, 2009

Hyperthermia is proved effective after heart attack
December 5, 2006
CBS Healthwatch stated that Cynthia Crawford had some mighty shocks to get her heart going at Oschner Clinic in New Orleans after she collapsed.
She was placed in an "inlfatable cocoon that sprayed her body with hundreds of cold icy jets of water: plunging her into hyperthermia...
Her cardiologist Dr. Paul McMillan stated that it was "like jumping into the North Sea.."
W hen Crawford woke up a few days later it was without the main damage that she would ahve had .For years doctors have used these cooling techniques to limit damage from brain and spinal cord injuries and even to help with premature babies..
New Yord and some other cities like Sacramento are requiring ambulances to take these patients where they can have cooling for their recovery..what do you think about this?


Cathy said...

Wow, good to point this out - more lives have been saved by hypothermia than have been lost. It was an "accidental find" via drowning victims who were brought back. Consider all the tots who fell into cold icy rivers for over a half hour and lived, because the cold preserved their organs, forcing their circ system & heart to slow down. (Note: I agree, let's get tryptophan into breakfast cereal, esp on Mondays lol)

Bea said...

Hi Nat! This is good reading, and good to know. A nurse friend of mine suggested what to do if you are asleep, and wake up with heart attack symptoms: if one thinks one is having a heart attack: keep aspirin near your bed at night. Aspirin, not Tylenol. If you suspect you are having a heart attack, take an aspirin, drink some water, sit up, do not lie down, and unlock your door. Call 911 and tell them you took the aspirin. and wait for them to arrive. Simple... I'll try to find out more.