Monday, November 3, 2008

Google Bloggers Comic relief section

I was having a hard day teen's cell phone died yesterday so he's in a bad mood, my printer died, a raccoon ate one of our ducks , I missed and email, a kid got discouraged , yada yada yada ..:)
I heard some funnies at a lecture and I wanted to share them with you..
tell me if you can relate..:0
Some days you are a pidegon, some days you are the statue...
Let's say everyone is going full throttle in one direction. You decide to do full throttle in the opposite direction right in front of them...:)
You might want to think that over!
Maybe the big meaning of your life is to be a warning !
Beware if you hear people saying things like;" Be don't want to end up like her /him!"
:) comments?:)
Oh and I love your journals!
Google is fun . Bloggers are liking the dashboards, clicking on people's squares and following them. It becomes like a neighborhood right?

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Me said...

I had to giggle about becoming the warning, What a legacy. Cute entry