Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teens and New Drugs

Nov.10, 2008
The Doctors on CBS
(An educational forum)

The doctors mentioned a new drug which can be purchased at tobacco stores called Salvia.
The tobacco is mixed with a heavy concentration of LSD. It makes it hard to walk,and the pressure coming from inside of the person makes it hard to focus. The person feels that the only important field of activity is one yard in front of him or her.

In addition to strawberry meth powder that kids are given at school some kids are offered a cheese powder that is blended with heroine and Tylenol P.M. This makes it hard for a kid to breathe.
Some kids throw in alcohol and some kids die ; they loose all control.
Some kids are snorting heroin.
Some kids are pouring alcohol up their rectum and inot their inerstines wiht a beer bong. the docotrs say that this causes severe damage to the intestines.
Some teens are putting vodka on tampons and inserting them. this causes sever damage as well.
It is unclear to me why kids would do these things.
What do you think about it?

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