Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rewalk helps paralyzed victims walk


Rewalk Helps Paralyzed Victims Walk

Last March Argo Medical Technologies Inc. announced their creation of Re walk: an Exoskeleton; a light weight , brace like suit for people whose legs have been paralyzed.It fits the body well adn it detects upper body movements.There are integrated "DC motors" at the joints and rechargeable batteries and a series of sensors which help the body right itself balance wise when the person runs into a rock or barrier. The computer helps the person right themselves.

Dr. Alberto Esquenazi in heading the trials of Re Walk at Moss Rehab at Philadelphia ( a reserachand rehabilitation center). Esquenazi says it helps people because lack of exercise can make the bones brittle but this can reverse the process.
What do you think?
It comes too late for Christopher Reeves but he did fight for it..

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