Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pythons take over parts of Florida: What do you think?

July 27,2009

Pythons that were set free (thousands of them) have grown big and started families in the wetlands of Florida. They are eating several types of animals including wild pigs, alligators and in one home where the cage was left open, a baby was strangled.
The police want to go in and kill every snake that they can find...What do you think of this?


Rowe said...

Hi Natalie, I've just come over from Celeste Maia's blog. It would be great if there was another way of removing these snakes than just shooting them. It seems many countries resort to shooting wildlife whose number reaches 'pest' proportions. Wild horses and kangaroos have been shot and killed here in Australia in order to cull their populations, sadly. And believe it or not, a doco on TV as I am typing this comment right now is talking about the problem of wild horses in Australia and New Zealand. Incredible timing!

natalie said...

I totally agree!