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Walter Cronkite : A Memorial

July 23, 2009
Walter Cronkite: A Memorial

Walter Cronkite was beloved by many people; some of whom spoke at the CNN memorial for him.
They said that Cronkite set the stage or the bar for most reporters for our era.He was known as a reporter who valued the facts and who was as accurate as possible.He was thought to be the reporter "who told Americans the hard truths in the 60s, 70s and 80s. He brought us through World War II, Vietnam and the assassination of President Kennedy.
Kate Curic said "I admired his high standdards of getting to the truth and reseraching his source. Amybe researchers have a lot to learn from his ethics." Couris said that Doug Brinkley is researching his life for a book.
Mr. Brinkley said:"he was incredibly humble.He connected wiht taxi men , waiters the same way he connected with the White House.He thought that his job was to tell everyone the truth."
Bob Schieffer mentioned how much he admired Waleter for his" natural curiosity".
Marlene Adler said when he was reporting the first man on the moon he gave us a natural enthusiasm!
I send my condolences to his freinds and family.
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