Thursday, February 11, 2010

MEG scanners : bloggers reflect

http://www.wired .com/medtech/health/news/2007/01/72277

The New MEG scanners measures and records the brain's magnetic fields created by the brain's electrical activity.A MEg scan will show he brain's ceners for language, motion, and touch.The amgento encephalography scanners are the most powerful tools to observe details about epilepsy, brain tumors and pain perception.
The scanners track the magnetic signals that neurons throw off as they communicate.
"You can look at how the networks of the brain talk to each other in real time" said Greg Simpson, the Director of the Neuroimaging Lab at University of California in San Francisco.
These scanners are very expensive at the moment,; they cost $2 million.
there are 100 MEG scanners around the world. Can you see you or a friend or family member using one of these in the future?

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